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Longacre Technology Training Camp Instructors

Jennifer Bailey* teaches vocal music at Longacre Elementary School. She has been teaching for fourteen years and enjoys finding creative and engaging ways to utilize technology in her classroom.

Justin Ellsworth is the district technology integration coordinator. Justin works closely with the curriculum to promote the use of technology to enhance instruction and engage and empower students.

Eric Getsoian is an educational technology trainer, a member of the MACUL Board of Directors, MI Champion Coach and ISTE/HP mentor.

Elyse Gildenberg*is a first grade teacher in her second year of teaching. As a recent graduate graduate of Michigan State University, she is familair with best practice in educational technology and enjoys using these innovative techniques in her classroom.

Brian Raftery* has taught at Longacre since 1999. He spent two years in 2nd grade before moving to 5th grade. Brian is a lifelong learner, especially when it pertains to technology!

Angie Ritenour* has been teaching since 1990 and has taught 2nd-5th grades as well as gifted and talented students in 1st-5th grades. She enjoyes using technology in her classroom and is happy to share her knowledge with workshop participants.

Shirley Witgen is the Media Specialist at Longacre Elementary and has been for 25 years. Before that she taught in classrooms at all levels. Shirley has grown in her own use of technology throughout the years, progressing from our beginnings with Commodore PETs and now manages the COWs and live television announcements.

*Denotes teachers selected to participate in technology leadership training through MACUL's MI-Champions.